Wedding Strobist

Wedding Strobist Setup Our "Wedding Strobist" lighting setup for bride/groom formals. We meter for ~1 stop under ambient (for mood), and then bring the flash power down to something that looks good. We'll usually gobo the back flash or move it off-axis enough so that it won't flare. We feather the main light across the front of the subjects, and voila! This is the resulting image: Stobist Wedding Photography In this case, we were shooting at Stonebridge Manor, a Wedding/Reception venue in Mesa, AZ - one of the nicer venues in the Phoenix area that isn't associated with a swanky resort. The late afternoon sun was just about to disappear, so we worked quickly. This is a 2 minute setup that yields far better results than taking the easy way out and shooting with on-camera lighting or hoping for the best with available light. We used 2 Vivitar 283's on stands. The main light was at 1/8 power into an umbrella, camera right, and the other was at 1/16 power, bare, camera left. We have Varipower VP-1's on the Vivtars to dial down the light. Flashes were triggered with Cybersyncs. You can also just make out our self-built batteries (just some 6v SLA batteries wired to some fake battery 'slugs' in the 283's battery compartment) used to provide quick recycle times.