Tempe AZ Engagement Photographer

Tempe AZ Engagement Photography These engagement photos were taken in Tempe, Arizona - home of Arizona State University. We met on Mill Avenue, which is a great place for some casual, urban engagement photos. I've always loved the way the sun reflects off buildings in the early morning hours, so that's the look we were going for here. In the second photo, we are in a back alley just off of Mill Avenue and we are going for a more urban moody feel: Tempe Arizona Engagement Photographer And in the third variation, we had our couple seated and brought our strobes in closer, again, in an attempt to darken the background a couple stops. Sometimes you hit, and sometimes you miss. But even when your shot comes out a bit on the overexposed side, you can sometimes still make something of it like we did here, giving it an edgy feeling: Tempe Arizona Engagements