Strobist Seminar Meetup in Phoenix

Baby Portrait - Funny Smile Strobist, the off-camera lighting phenomenon, came  to Phoenix on March 15-16, 2008 at the Phoenix Airport Hilton. I'm looking forward to finally meeting David Hobby, the inspiration behind As a photojournalist with the Baltimore Sun, David started the Strobist website a couple years ago as a way to share his knowledge on the art of off-camera lighting using small, battery-powered strobes. Since then, the Strobist movement has swept through virtually every photographic discipline from photojournalism to wedding and portrait photography, elevating the craft from boring on-camera flash to dynamic, dimensional, creative images. David has seen such an enthusiastic response to his lighting tips, that he's actually spending more time teaching the Strobist principles on his blog and at Strobist meetups like the upcoming one in Phoenix. For me at least, David's thoughts and tips have inspired me to play around a bit more with creative lighting and to think critically about how I light each situation. The Strobist motto: "Less Gear, More Brain, Better Light" truly appeals to me as a pragmatist wedding photographer. I know that I could lug a ton of equipment to each shoot, but the minimalist approach to lighting lends itself well to the fast-paced flow of wedding photography. I'll be attending the Saturday session, and I look forward to seeing some other professional and amateur photographers from the valley there as well. P.S. - In case you're wondering, the image above was taken using techniques gleaned from Strobist.