Picasa 3 for Wedding Photographers

Update: We don't use Picasa much any more, now that Lightroom has provided much better sorting options. Picasa 3 for Wedding Photographers. Picasa 3 has officially been released, and Jerry Ferguson Photography had a chance to run a couple weddings through it. We agree that this is the best version yet of the popular consumer-oriented photo editing and organizational software. A lot of wedding photographers may scoff at the idea of using Picasa in their workflow, but we make regular use of its organizational features. We haven't yet found a tool that matches Picasa for raw speed when we are going through hundreds of photos in a rough edit to weed out the best. It is so simple to star each of the good photos, and 'hold' all of the bad ones so that we can move them to a 'trash' folder. The new Picasa Photo Viewer that is integrated with Windows explorer is a welcome addition, and allows a slick interface for viewing images from explorer. You can rotate, star, and quickly upload images without even opening Picasa. Talk about convenient. There are a couple of other welcome features that seem to be especially well-suited for wedding photographers. One of the long-standing gripes a lot of users had with Picasa was it's lack of a 'clone tool' for retouching. Well the wait is over, and Google has finally added a retouching tool similar to the one found in Adobe Lightroom. Now if they would only add a 'vignette' effect, Picasa would be almost perfect. Picasa 3 had really upped the ante with it's video support, fleshing out a few new tools to easily create movies with music up to 1080p in resolution with automatic transitions that can 'see' faces (how awesome is that?) and enhanced support for easily uploading videos to youtube right from Picasa. Thanks, Google!