Mesa Arizona Engagements Photographer

Mesa Arizona Engagement Photographer I recently did an engagement photo session up at Las Sendas for a couple that needed a variety of photos for their invitations. They will be putting some text on the side of one of the photos. This is a fairly common request, and we can photograph engagements with this in mind. Following is an example of how the final image would look. We darkened the background so that it will be easier to read the white writing against it. Arizona Engagement Photographer Of couse, we always try to get a few classic poses, that can be used for engagement announcements or framed and put on the guestbook table at the reception, so that people see them when signing in. One of the common things I hear is "We really don't have many pictures of us together," so we'll always try to do a broad variety of poses and shots during an engagement session. Many couples will even bring changes of clothing so that they get even more variety with their pictures. Mesa Engagements Again, variety is what it's all about. We try to capture couples in a natural way. Nothing overly rigid or posed, but something that really says "you". And retouching is always included. Planning a wedding is tiring, it's not suprising that engaged couples are among the most tired people. No worries, we can get rid of the circles under your eyes, and any other blemishes. We'll make you look like a supermodel. Well, at least we'll try.