Mesa Senior Portraits Photographer

Mesa AZ Senior Portraits Photographer We did senior Portraits up at Las Sendas in northeast Mesa this morning. You wouldn't expect it in Arizona, but it was freezing cold up there. I think it was mostly the wind, which also played havoc with my umbrella and lighting. Thanks, for the good catches, Nick. We were going for a slightly different look on these senior portraits - a sort of homage to Dave Hill. Info: f7 @ 1/200 Sun behind subject @ 11:30 Vivitar 285, 1/4 power into umbrella camera left @ 5:00 Vivitar 283, 1/8 power camera right @ 2:30 Processing: I darkened the edges slightly and desaturated them. I also created a duplicate layer, which I cranked up the contrast to 100% on. I then dragged that layer's opacity down to about 20% to get the slightly desaturated yet contrasty look. I know it's not perfect, and I'm never satisfied with anything that I do, so I certainly look forward to trying to perfect this technique as just another interesting look for senior portraits.