Gilbert AZ Engagement Photographer

Gilbert AZ Engagement Photographer This engagement photo was taken at Villa Siena in Gilbert, AZ. Jon and Lauren wanted some photos at the same venue that their wedding would be at, so we met in the morning and knocked out a few shots outdoors in the sweet morning light. As it got warmer and the light shifted into the not-so optimal range, we came inside and found this old leather bench tucked away in a corner. I wanted a slightly underexposed ambient feel for a more dramatic portrait that 'popped', but didn't want the shadow-side of faces to get completely lost, so I filled the shadows with a Vivitar 285 flash at 1/4 power into a shoot-though umbrella. The main light is a snooted Vivitar 283 at 1/4 power which is providing the harder-thrown light from up high camera-left. This is similar to a technique that David Hobby used on the Strobist blog. Funny thing is, I don't think I'd seen his post yet, and figured that this was the best way to get the particular look I wanted. I guess great minds think alike. Gilbert Arizona Photographer For the photo above, we shot into an umbrella to create some nice, soft light from the left, and tossed in a touch of light from the right, behind the couple. If you need a wedding or engagement photographer in Gilbert, please let us know.