Frequently Asked Questions

Can we meet to discuss our wedding or see more examples of your work?

Yes. If you'd like to arrange a meeting, just contact us any time. We are available most weeknights and some weekends. We are equally comfortable doing business via email and phone as we are meeting in person.


Do you require a deposit?

No. We don't require any deposits to book and confirm your date, so simply contact us as soon as you want to book us.


Why are your prices so low?

The short answer is that we run on a lean business model, and we love what we do, so we can pass savings on to our customers. Since all of our photography is 'on location', we don't have high overhead costs associated with a studio. Most photographers will try to make money on every service or print that they offer, or they will charge inflated high prices for packages. We operate on the philosophy that if a customer is willing to save some money, we encourage them to do it. For example, we encourage customers to save money by making their own prints if they choose.


Do you do digital photography? What are the advantages of digital photography?

Yes. We actually prefer digital photography for a number of reasons:

  1. We have more control over the final product becuase we can correct things like color, contrast, brightness, etc.
  2. Our digital images are sharper and look better than comparable images from negatives.
  3. You can share digital images much much more easily and in a greater variety of ways than negatives. Take, for example, our DVD Slideshow.
  4. Digital photography is archival. It lasts longer because there are no negatives that fade or yellow.


Do you give the customer their negatives / originals?

Yes. Our customers always own their originals, whether the originals are negatives or high-resolution images on CD that they can make reprints and enlargements from.


Do you provide prints / enlargements?

If customers want prints with thier packages, we can provide them at extra cost based on size, quantity, etc. We like to allow customers the option of saving some money by making their own prints and albums, and so our packages are priced without prints and albums. We are certainly willing to do prints for our customers, but regardless, they will always have the option of making all of the reprints, enlargements, copies of CD's, etc. that they want.


How do I make prints from the digital images you give me? Are they really as good as prints from negatives?

If you have never made photographic prints from digital images, it is very simple. You simply take your CD/DVD down to any Sam's Club, Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, etc. Insert the CD into the kiosk(a touch-screen display), choose the desired size and quantity of your images, and they are ready in 30 minutes to an hour. Your digital images go through the same machines and process as prints from negatives, so you get REAL photos from your digital images. These prints are just as archival as any that you would get from negatives because they are printed on the same paper. Most people say that our prints from digital-source look far better than comparable prints from negative-source. Most locations can make prints up to 8x10" in an hour or less.


Who are you? How long have you been in business? What is your history?

Jerry Ferguson and his partner, Sarah Walker have been doing wedding and event photography for over 10 years. We built up our business together with a goal to be the best - in price, quality, and style. Since we built the business together, we have very similar styles. Our 'Gallery' features images from both of us. Find out more on our 'about us' page.


How can I make sure that my pictures will look great?

The best way to ensure that your photos will look great is to plan. Plan to have the most flattering clothing, including gowns, suits, etc. Plan you event for a venue that is well lit and has ample possibilities for backgrounds. The variety and quality of your images is directly related to the quality of the venue. We'll make our best effort to photograph at any venue, but can't guarantee that we can produce ideal photos under conditions that are outside our control, including lighting, house restrictions, couples that won't smile or cooperate, etc. We'll do our best.


Will you stay longer at my wedding reception? How much do you charge for extra time?

You can always purchase extra time for your event. We charge $100 per 30 minutes of extra coverage on your package. You can decide right there at the reception to extend your time if you need it.