Arizona Model Portfolio Photography

Model - Blue Dress - First Shoot Model - Blue Dress - First Shoot We photographed this model on Mill Avenue in Tempe Arizona. This happened to be her first modeling shoot ever, and she did great. I'm sure that future shoots will be even more relaxed.

Beverly (the model pictured) wanted us to help her start her portfolio and her jump into commercial modeling. Of course, every model needs a good comp card with some head shots, and other photos to help potential agencies and clients identify the look, facial and body structure of the model. Models also typically need a portfolio with several shots in a variety of poses that show different aspects of the model's look - sporty, casual, dressy, etc.

Since Beverly is looking into commercial modeling rather than sports or glamor for instance, we have focused on an approach that includes a lot of variety and will give her the widest range of modeling opportunities.

As for the location - Mill Avenue is a great place for portraits with a fun, urban feel. We also shoot a lot of engagement photos there as well. We shot from 7-9 am so that we could underexpose the ambient light a bit and avoid the harsh, direct Arizona sun. Mill Avenue is lined with some helpful shady trees that extend the sweet lighting hours of the morning.

Technical/Strobist Info:
Arizona Model Portfolio Comp Card Photographer.
We used a Vivtar 285 at 1/2 power into a shoot-thru umbrella camera-right, zoomed in a bit for a hotter spot on the upper body, and a bare Vivitar 283 strobe at 1/16 camera-left for a sunny highlight on her hair. We dropped the exposure and saturation of the street scene slightly to really focus attention on the model.