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Jerry Ferguson Photography is a Phoenix Wedding Photographer specializing in wedding photography, engagments, event photography, senior portraits, family pictures, and other types of photography. We provide awesome, high-end wedding photos at reasonable, up-front prices. You can call us at: 480-463-4648 or email us at info@jerryfergusonphotography.com

Jerry Ferguson, Photographer, Owner

Jerry Ferguson of Ferguson PhotographyJerry Ferguson has been photographing weddings in Phoenix and around the country since 1996. Displaying early talent, he started photographing weddings while still in high school, and has since photographed hundreds of weddings in Phoenix and across the world.

Jerry describes his style, "If I had to choose one word to describe my style, I'd call it 'cinematic'.  It is like a good movie that transports you into its world through images. It is an emotional experience that takes you in."

"Years from now, when you view your wedding photos, I want you to have an rich, emotional experience that takes you back to your wedding day. You'll re-experience the excitement, romance, drama, happiness, fun and love of that special day. I'm not simply a photojournalist that documents an event, I'm about capturing the emotions of your day."

"When you're watching a movie, you don't always think about how much effort goes on behind the scenes to maximize every shot's emotion with subtle details like lighting, composition and capturing that perfect 'take' where everything comes together. Imagine if the great films of the past like 'Casablanca' had been photographed by 'your friend that is into photography' with his on-camera flash. As with movies, it is the attention to details like lighting, along with a keen sense of emotion and creative vision that make great wedding photographs."

"One thing that sets me apart from other photographers is the extra effort that I put into those key emotion-conveying details like lighting. For instance, I have an assistant that is dedicated to lighting and other important details. I want to make sure that all of my technical details are perfect, so that when you step on to the scene, I can concentrate on capturing your emotion in its natural perfection."

"When couples look at my portfolio, they immediately notice a difference in the 'drama' of the photos, often commenting that they 'pop', they look '3D' or 'High Definition'. Others have described my style as 'high-fashion', 'graphic', 'film-noir', and 'dramatic' like a 'movie poster or something out of a magazine'."

Jerry often says "I wanna make you guys look like movie stars. Your Facebook friends are going to love - and envy - your awesome wedding photos."


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